Wellness Massage – Global Reflexology.

In partnership with Sancy Reflexology, Wellness Center of Grands Thermes.

Global Reflexology

The Global Reflexology is a gentle massage practice pleasant which optimizes the relaxation for more self-control everyday.
It is aimed at anyone wishing to regain form and wellness and will benefit you in the balance of emotions and stress management.


Aromatherapy helps the body to fight against disease by stimulating the reflex of self healing and by changing the chemical structure of body fluids.
Essential oils also influence hormonal secretion, the endocrine balance and autonomic bodily reactions.

Energetic Massage / Draining Massage

Relaunching the flow of energy and tones the body for vitality and serenity.

Relaxing Massage (Back Massage)

Total relaxation of your body and mind by easing tensions.

Facial Massage Reflexology

Relax your face and soothe your spirit with rare and precious essential oils.

Hands and Feet Massage Reflexology

Feel this amazing lightness of feet and hands that spread in your entire body.

Delivery of care

Massage 60 minutes (+15 mn preparation and exchange) : 70 €
Massage Duo 60 minutes (+15 mn preparation and exchange) : 120 €

The services are performed in a massage room to space Wellness of Grands Thermes, 100 m from the hotel.

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